Depression and the Overweight Person, Is There Any Corellation?

Depression is a very serious emotional and psychological disorder. The symptoms are very diverse and those persons who suffer with Clinical depression should seek professional help. This article will be discussing the relationship between obese persons and depression.

Are all people depressed sometimes? Yes. Everyone has the "blues" sometimes. However, true depression lasts for days or months, as opposed to one day a year, or once in a "blue" moon. Those persons who experience symptoms of depression on a regular basis should seek professional help.

Why would an obese person be depressed? The health, social, economic, emotional, and physical problems associated with obesity are numerous and, for some, overwhelming. This sense of "social isolation" can lead to clinical depression. The depression may then lead to further weight gain, and then more isolation. This is a very vicious, persuasive syndrome.


For those with obesity there are many complications, health wise, with which to cope. There are increased risks of heart disease, joint deterioration and osteo arthritis, diabetes, hypertenstion, and gall bladder disease, to name a few. Many obese persons also experience hernia problems, swelling in the exremities, and shortness of breath. These problems are serious, and may cause a decrease in the quality of life for most obese persons, which, over time, may lead to severe depression.


This is a two fold problem. To begin with the obese person feels that they are no longer valued in society, with our culture pointing to the superiority of those who are beautiful. Excess weight is not an acceptable trait. Then, to compound this already low self - regard, often times people in our society ridicule, single out, and isolate those individuals who are extremely overweight. This can be devastating to a person who already believes they are "useless". As you may guess, a person who feels they have no purpose in their existence will experience a severe depression.


When a person feels isolated they are not able to function in the society which has created this isolation. Many obese persons find it difficult or impossible to work in a society which shuns them. This, along with physical and health limits, create a hardship for the obese person, who now has less than adequate employment, and a low socio-economic position in our culture. This inability to function, to provide and perform can be a catalyst into a depressed state of mind.


With the already low self esteem, loss of dignity and social isolation, emotional instability will follow. How can anyone be whole and healthy, emotionally, when their reason for living is being questioned, not only by themselves, but by their peers? The resulting emotional problems can be as minor as overt shyness, or as severe as psychosis. The underlying problem, of course, is the obesity, but the emotional core is depression.


When a person is very heavy they carry with them many extra pounds of weight. This, in itself, is physically exhausting, and creates an overall tired feeling. Added to this could be the health, social, economic, and emotional conditions aforementioned and you have a very physically limited individual. Not to mention that social settings, overall, are not conducive to the obese individual. Chairs, and wheelchairs are too narrow or too small. Public restroom stalls are too small and confining, not to mention bus or airplane seats. This physical limitation can be embarrassing, and depressing.

There are many issues involved with the overweight depressed individual, some that may not be solved even with weight loss. I urge anyone who feels listless, lifeless, tired, or as if they have no purpose in their life to seek help.


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