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8 Myths & Truths Of Dieting

Here’s a statistic for you to ponder. According to the latest national figures, well over 55% of Britains are now considered overweight or obese compared with 33% in the 1980s. Yet another scary statistic: childhood obesity has rocketed by an incredible 100% between the early 1980s and the present day. Don't believe me? Just take a look at your neighbour’s children -- or even your own -- and instantly you will notice a bit of plumpness around their girth.
So why all these frightening facts? Are we not in an age where more and more people are becoming increasingly health conscious? This is true. However, many of us still have many misconceptions about how to stay healthy, especially when it comes to dieting. Misconceptions which have developed from hearsay and half-truths I’m afraid - a veritable mythology of dieting pitfalls.
The fact is that these diet myths are so numerous that I have chosen to look at the only the most common ones. My aim in exposing these errors of advice? To…

Diet for the Hypoglycemics

Diet for the Hypoglycemics - Hypoglycemia Hypoglycemia is a condition in which there is an abnormally low level of glucose (sugar) in the blood. As a result, the pancreas will secrete higher levels of insulin to make up for it. Some symptoms of hypoglycemia are: fatigue, dizziness, light-headedness, headache, irritability, fainting spells, depression, anxiety, cravings for sweets, confusion, night sweats, constant hunger, etc., etc.. (sound like anyone you know : ) It sounds like everyone I know! I am convinced that if you do not have diabetes, you have (to a certain degree) hypoglycemia. 
Hypoglycemia is a pre-cursor to diabetes. I feel the reason for this problem is largely due to poor dietary habits that include eating large amounts of simple carbohydrates, sugars, caffeine, and soft drinks. And, not enough complex carbohydrates.... fruits, veggies, whole-grains, etc. You need to get it under control before it becomes a more serious problem. And, I know from personal experience tha…

Depression and the Overweight Person, Is There Any Corellation?

Depression is a very serious emotional and psychological disorder. The symptoms are very diverse and those persons who suffer with Clinical depression should seek professional help. This article will be discussing the relationship between obese persons and depression.
Are all people depressed sometimes? Yes. Everyone has the "blues" sometimes. However, true depression lasts for days or months, as opposed to one day a year, or once in a "blue" moon. Those persons who experience symptoms of depression on a regular basis should seek professional help.
Why would an obese person be depressed? The health, social, economic, emotional, and physical problems associated with obesity are numerous and, for some, overwhelming. This sense of "social isolation" can lead to clinical depression. The depression may then lead to further weight gain, and then more isolation. This is a very vicious, persuasive syndrome. Health For those with obesity there are many complicati…

Things To Consider When Choosing A Mangosteen Juice Product

Things To Consider When Choosing A Mangosteen Juice Product - Mangosteen juice supplements are sought after because of the positive effect they are having on many different health conditions. Although Mangosteen has been used for hundreds of years in some cultures, it is only in the 3 decades that scientists have found out why the mangosteen is so effective. It is the xanthones within the pulp and the pericarp of the mangosteen that cause the fruit to be so effective.

Xanthones have very powerful anti-inflammatory properties and they are very potent antioxidants. The mangosteen fruit is considered safe and also helps protect the entire gastrointestinal system, unlike many drugs which are not safe. Antioxidants neutralize the free radicals in our bodies, and therfore help to stop disease from occurring and to promote wellness.

There are 14,000 papers from researchers all over the world, reporting positive results from testing of the mangosteen xanthones. After studying 6 of the Mangost…

Acai Berry Juice Benefit - Can Acai Juice Promote Good Cardio & Digestive Health?

Acai Berry Juice Benefit - Can Acai Juice Promote Good Cardio & Digestive Health? The most highly effective health-enhancing fruit juice you can buy among modern natural health products is juice from the Açaí berry, a small mega-vitamin and mineral food. Harvested from acai palm trees in the lush, verdant Amazon Rainforests of Brazil, this amazingly beneficial berry is actually 90% seed and 10% pulp, yet Amazon acai—in juice and other forms—is the number one super food you can purchase. Actually, with the highest levels of vital nutrients among today’s available fruits, acai berries and acai fruit juice from the Amazon contain ten times more antioxidants than grapes and twice the number in blueberries. The amount of anthocyanins (purple antioxidants) contained in a glass of red wine is 10–30 times less than the amount found in a moderate serving of acai berries or acai berry fruit juice.

A uniquely tropical taste and total body energizing effect are characteristic of Amazon acai b…

Good Bodybuilding Supplements - Uncover First-Class Advices

Do you need a good and best bodybuilding supplement? Answering the following questions can help you determine if you would benefit from a supplement.
Do you work out regularly and vigorously?  Do you eat a balanced and nutritious diet?  Do you want to become more involved in bodybuilding?
If you answered yes to these questions, then it might be time to introduce a supplement into your routine.

If you are hesitant about taking a supplement, good for you! You should be cautious about anything you put into your body, whether it is a supplement, a vitamin, a prescription medication, OTC pain relievers, or even food.

To help allay your concerns and help you with your decision on what type of body building supplement will be right for you, here are some common facts and fictions of bodybuilding supplements.
Fiction: Bodybuilding supplements are dangerous.  Fact: Anything that you put into your body has the potential to be dangerous. The best bodybuilding supplements are perfectly healthy when u…

A Simple and Works Guide To Lose Belly Fat

A Simple and Works Guide To Lose Belly Fat - Isn’t it amazing that with so many new fitness devices that it would be an issue to Lose Belly Fat or have significant weight loss. A popular subject in the work-out world is the subject of losing belly fat and/or weightloss. Whether you are doing it because of a past pregnancy or not the basic elements of the fat-loss solution stay the same.

They are consist of: Lowering daily calorie intake, Increasing daily calorie burn rate and using resistance training to firm and build muscle. These actions will lead to consistent fat-loss and should assist in losing weight. Even though it seems to be a very populat notion fat-loss is not selective. However, the first place you will tend to lose weight is often in the midriff area.

Decrease Calorie Intake
For our purposes here we want you to start to become aware of what you eat and drink throughout a day. This exercise should lead to the idea of not drinking calories and gaining weight. A great way t…

How to Choose the Correct Treadmill for Your Home

How to Choose the Correct Treadmill for Your Home - Easily the most effective pieces of fitness equipment in the home or gym today is the treadmill. From humble beginnings, treadmills have become a tried and proven necessity for those looking to lose weight, improve fitness and enjoy exercise.
The benefits of owning or using a treadmill are numerous. They improve your ability to effectively do one of the most important human functions….walking or running! They provide a convenient workout solution on rainy days, at night time or if you live in an unsafe area. Many machines include pre-set workout programs such as fitness tests, interval training or heart rate control programs to keep things interesting and generally, the cushioning effect of treadmills greatly decrease the risk of injury and joint problems after years of running or walking exercise.
With so many different machines on the market it has become quite a complicated task to select a treadmill that is right for you, the fam…