How to Choose the Correct Treadmill for Your Home

How to Choose the Correct Treadmill for Your Home - Easily the most effective pieces of fitness equipment in the home or gym today is the treadmill. From humble beginnings, treadmills have become a tried and proven necessity for those looking to lose weight, improve fitness and enjoy exercise.

The benefits of owning or using a treadmill are numerous. They improve your ability to effectively do one of the most important human functions….walking or running! They provide a convenient workout solution on rainy days, at night time or if you live in an unsafe area. Many machines include pre-set workout programs such as fitness tests, interval training or heart rate control programs to keep things interesting and generally, the cushioning effect of treadmills greatly decrease the risk of injury and joint problems after years of running or walking exercise.

With so many different machines on the market it has become quite a complicated task to select a treadmill that is right for you, the family or someone you know who needs one.

How to Choose the Correct Treadmill for Your Home

Firstly, assess what you need your machine to do. Are you a runner or will you realistically only ever walk? Do you need extra motivation in the form of lots of features and programmes or do you need something that will just do the job? Depending on the answers to these questions, there are a number of things to consider:

The size of the motor. Most machines carry a weight limit which is usually limited by the size of the drive motor. Small walking machines with 1 horsepower motors will probably be best used by people under 100kg. The bigger the motor, usually the heavier the weight limit.

The size of the Running Mat. Treadmills used for running will need a larger running area as your stride is longer and you may ‘drift’ around more, especially when running at high speeds. Usually when walking the stride is shorter and it is effortless to walk in a straight line, even when fatigued.

The Computer Capabilities. Find out what the top speed of the treadmill is. See what incline the machine goes to. Is it manual or automatic? What variety of programs does the treadmill include? Check how many programs there are and whether there are different levels you can choose depending on your abilities.

Other Factors. Does the treadmill fold away? What is the warranty? Does it include a fan, tv, mp3 input or any other feature which may keep you attracted and motivated in the long term?

The most important thing is to see a specialist fitness equipment retailer who has experience in qualifying customers based on their needs and budget and finding a quality machine that will help you to achieve your fitness goals.


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