Things To Consider When Choosing A Mangosteen Juice Product

Things To Consider When Choosing A Mangosteen Juice Product - Mangosteen juice supplements are sought after because of the positive effect they are having on many different health conditions. Although Mangosteen has been used for hundreds of years in some cultures, it is only in the 3 decades that scientists have found out why the mangosteen is so effective. It is the xanthones within the pulp and the pericarp of the mangosteen that cause the fruit to be so effective.

Xanthones have very powerful anti-inflammatory properties and they are very potent antioxidants. The mangosteen fruit is considered safe and also helps protect the entire gastrointestinal system, unlike many drugs which are not safe. Antioxidants neutralize the free radicals in our bodies, and therfore help to stop disease from occurring and to promote wellness.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Mangosteen Juice Product

There are 14,000 papers from researchers all over the world, reporting positive results from testing of the mangosteen xanthones. After studying 6 of the Mangosteen xanthones, this is a partial list of the properties:

* Help relieve migraine
* Anti-viral/fungal
* Lower Blood Pressure
* Increased Energy
* Anti-diabetic
* Anti-inflammatory
* Anti-oxidant
* Anti-eczema
* Anti-bacterial
* Improved skin quality

Choosing a Mangosteen Juice Supplement

In the marketplace, there are many mangosteen fruit juice , supplements to choose. . When eating the mangosteen fruit you would need to eat the rind and the pulp to get all the health benefits that mangosteen juice products provide. Here are some questions to ask when selecting from the growing number of mangosteen juice , Supplements available:

A. Has the product had Independent testing, showing the Amount of Xanthones, Phytonutrients and ORAC value?

1) Number of xanthones in the product

2) Number of phytonutrients in the Supplement.

3) ORAC Value, which is the measurement of an antioxidant’s power to neutralize free radicals - Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity. More free radicals will be neutralized as the value of ORAC goes up.

B. The way the Mangosteen Juice is prepared before bottling 
Many mangosteen juice manufacturers cook the juice before bottling. Heating the juice can also render some preservatives more harmful and make the juice acidic. Some preservatives can be rendered more harmful when cooked and it makes the juice acidic. A mangosteen juice which uses cold processing when being prepared, is therefore of much higher quality.

C. Is the Whole Fruit and Mangosteen Pericarp contained within the , Supplement?

The main source of xanthones is in the pericarp and the seeds so the highest quality mangosteen juice , supplements must utilize the whole fruit puree, where the seeds, pericarp and the entire fruit-pulp is milled. The higher amount of xanthones containing the full healing and nutritional value of mangosteen, The full nutritional and healing value of the mangosteen will only be found where there is a higher amount of xanthones, and this will only be in those , supplements utilising the whole fruit process.

D. Are there other Nutrients within the Mangosteen Juice Product?

Other nutrients can be contained within the supplement also, which work together with the mangosteen to enhance the benefits. These are some of the added nutrients the , supplement could include:

1) Minerals
When minerals are added to mangosteen, the additional effects are huge. A deficiency in minerals is also the cause of a number of diseases, and with the soil depletion it’s difficult to obtain required minerals in our diet. Few people eat properly anyway, and most people eat fast food and packaged food which contains few nutrients.

2) Additional Vitamins - research shows that vitamin deficiencies are the cause of a number of diseases.

3) Aloe Vera may be included in some Mangosteen Juice supplements. It has been shown that vitamins are more readily absorbed into the bloodstream when aloe vera is added.

4) Some mangosteen juice supplements may contain Green Tea, which provides additional antioxidants.

E. Is the Mangosteen supplement liquid? 
A liquid supplement is absorbed more readily into the cells of the body. In addition, within a mangosteen juice supplement, the phytonutrients and xanthones within the mangosteen whole fruit, which includes the pulp and the pericarp work synergistically. Powders and pills cannot include the whole mangosteen fruit, so be aware of this.

To summarise within a mangosteen supplement brand, there are a number of things to look for. The amount of xanthones and phytonutrients, and the ORAC value shown by independent testing is the most important. the other nutrients in the supplement, the way the supplement is processed, and whether it is a liquid supplement or not. What appears to be less expensive supplement may be a lot more expensive when the mangosteen juice supplement comparison carefully.


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