Acai Berry Juice Benefit - Can Acai Juice Promote Good Cardio & Digestive Health?

Acai Berry Juice Benefit - Can Acai Juice Promote Good Cardio & Digestive Health? The most highly effective health-enhancing fruit juice you can buy among modern natural health products is juice from the Açaí berry, a small mega-vitamin and mineral food. Harvested from acai palm trees in the lush, verdant Amazon Rainforests of Brazil, this amazingly beneficial berry is actually 90% seed and 10% pulp, yet Amazon acai—in juice and other forms—is the number one super food you can purchase. Actually, with the highest levels of vital nutrients among today’s available fruits, acai berries and acai fruit juice from the Amazon contain ten times more antioxidants than grapes and twice the number in blueberries. The amount of anthocyanins (purple antioxidants) contained in a glass of red wine is 10–30 times less than the amount found in a moderate serving of acai berries or acai berry fruit juice.

Acai Berry juice benefit
A uniquely tropical taste and total body energizing effect are characteristic of Amazon acai berries in juice form. Aside from its antioxidants which help fight free radicals in the body and slow the aging process, acai juice also contains healthful omega fatty acids, amino acids, fiber, iron, and numerous other essential vitamins, minerals and natural components. In a traditional Brazilian fruit drink, acai pulp is combined with natural guarana seed, which increases body energy levels and improves mental acuity. (To some people, this effect is similar to that of caffeine, but from an extremely healthy source—the acai super food.)

As a powerful healing agent, Açaí berry juice was used by herbal practitioners, beginning with the early history of the Amazon Rainforests. Including intestinal tract problems, serious skin conditions, and fever, numerous illnesses and ailments have been alleviated through treatment by this outstanding healing acai berry and acai juice since its healing properties were first discovered in the ancient Amazon area of Brazil. With its highly beneficial antibacterial and anti-inflammatory capacities, Amazon acai juice is a very popular and effective modern natural health agent. Acai juice contains large amounts of carbohydrates for boosting and sustaining body energy along with its high protein levels. For this reason, acai juice is a popular beverage in many exercise programs and gym workouts and is available in sports clubs and on beaches throughout Brazil.

Acai juice is instrumental in promoting good cardiovascular and digestive health, due to its richness in monounsaturated fats, fiber and phytosterols. Its high contents of both amino acids and trace minerals promote and sustain good muscular contraction, flexibility and rejuvenation. The fatty acid levels in Amazon acai juice are similar to those found in olive oil, and regular dietary use of olive oil in the Mediterranean is credited with the region’s low incidence of heart disease. Acai has been made the most effective digestive purifier and total body detoxifier on the health products market by its large percentages of fiber content which aid digestion. Without doubt, Amazon acai juice is the most appealing, refreshing, energizing and health-empowering fruit juice product in the current natural and organic health foods and supplements marketplace.


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